Reasons to be Thankful for the Oil and Gas Industry

Ally Fumo
4 min readNov 24, 2021


It’s Thanksgiving time. During this time of the year, we take time to express gratitude. Optimism and gratitude are essential to a more positive life outlook.

We often take for granted many of the little things we have in our lives. To remind us of some of the good things we have, here’s a list of reasons to be thankful for the oil and gas industry:

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Although it may not quite get to the pre-pandemic levels, travel this Thanksgiving will look a lot different than it did last year. Easing in travel restrictions, both nationally as well as internationally, along with the vaccine availability, has once again put travel high on the list for the holiday.

Even with travel costs being higher for things like gasoline, plane tickets and rental cars, many families who cancelled big gatherings last year are planning more traditional Thanksgiving gatherings this year. According to AAA, about 53.4 million Americans are expected to travel this year.

The Bacon

With the oil prices at levels not seen in more than 6 years, the oil and gas industry is having a better than expected recovery coming out of the pandemic. The industry supports more than 11.3 million jobs around the country-both directly and indirectly. It remains a significant source of employment and economic benefits for many communities.

The Stuffing

Food systems depend on the oil and gas industry in so many ways. Tractors, harvesters and other farm equipment depend on oil products to run. Delivery of food to distribution centers, grocery stores and restaurants rely on trucks-most of which run on oil products.

Of all contributions the oil and gas industry has to the food supply, synthetic fertilizer is the largest. This plants’ food is made mostly of oil and gas products. According to John Hopkins Center for Liveable Future, synthetic fertilizer has allowed global food production to keep up with the global population.

A Warm and Cozy Home

More than 50% of American homes use natural gas for their central heat systems. Many more have natural gas fireplaces. So whether you’re nestling in front of a fireplace or cranking up the dial on your central heating system, you can thank the oil and gas industry for warming your home and lifting your spirit.

Family, Friends and Football

There’s no Thanksgiving without football. There has been an NFL football game on Thanksgiving day going back to 1934 when the Detroit Lions hosted the Chicago Bears. The tradition is so interwoven with the day that many people say ‘Family, Friends and Football’ when sitting around the table and expressing their gratitude.

So when you are sitting in front of the big screen watching the Dallas Cowboys before dinner or the New Orleans Saints afterward, be thankful for the oil and gas industry. The big screen, like many electronics, contains plastic.

Oil and gas products also play a major role in the production of helmets, whistles and artificial turf.

The Leftovers

The leftovers- for most people, is the best part of a thanksgiving meal. After stuffing your face with the turkey, mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie, you’ll be looking around for a to-go container.

Plastic containers, many of which are oil based, are the lifeline of food packaging. They are flexible, affordable, and convenient for everyone. The U.S plastic industry accounts for about 10 percent of the country’s total oil consumption.

So, this Thanksgiving, whether you’ll be at grandma’s, back in your childhood bedroom or starting your own brand new tradition, take time to be thankful. And if you are travelling, make sure to hold on to your rental agreement. Otherwise, you’ll be fried!



Ally Fumo

Former GIS Analyst in Oil and Gas industry turned Copywriter.